Well, you have come to the right place.  You need to consider several things before buying or selling your home.  In order to pick the correct realtor for you and your family, ask yourself a few things:

  • Does this realtor listen to what you are telling them you want in a future home?
  • Does the realtor know what you want and/or need in order to sell your home and what does your realtor suggest the best way to market and show your home?
  • Are they up to date on their technology abilities and are they inline with what you are able to do or want them to do for you?

After answering these questions, you then need to figure out your timeline and ask your realtor what the current housing market is trending (ie, towards buyers or towards sellers or changing as we speak?)

Then think about the personality of your potential realtor

  • is this someone you want to work with?
  • are they available when you want them to be available to you?
  • do you trust their expertise and negotiating skills?
  • what kind of network do they have?
  • what kind of support group do they have for their clients?
  • will they be able to give me personalized service?
  • how familiar are they with the area I live in and where I want to move to?
  • do they have a good reputation from other clients, other realtors, attorneys and mortgage brokers in the area?
  • Check out their testimonials

If you are satisfied that this is the right person to help you, then ask for a comprehensive comparative Market analysis of your property you want to sell or if you are a buyer, ask them for information about the local areas you are interested in looking at to purchase a property and what their suggestions are for your family.